Auto Glass Accessories

Wiper Blades
We sell and install quality and reasonably priced wiper blades. We carry all sizes and provide free installation.

Aquapel Water Repellent Glass Treatment
We help motorists keep their windshields debris free using Aquapel Water Repellent Glass Treatment.


  • Causes rain water to bead up and roll off
  • wipes off ice, snow, dirt and bugs
  • Reduces glare in the rain
  • Normally lasts for months
  • Fights watermarks

Window Glo Professional Glass Cleaner
Window Glo Professional Glass Cleaner is an effective cleaner for the bonding area of new windshields used before the primer is applied.

  • Alcohol based
  • Strong, residue-free cleaner
  • Cleans new windshield area
  • Mirror-safe cleaner
  • Cuts through grime and dirt without streaking